I've never done yoga before, can I do this?

Yes! Bikram's 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises was designed for beginners. Our certified instructors are trained to safely guide you in and out of the postures, eliminating guess work and creating an environment perfect for first-timers and advanced yogis to deepen their practice. Also because it's a set series of postures you are able to easily see your own improvement as you practice more frequently. The heat allows even those with extreme stiffness or prior injuries to safely stretch and begin to heal their bodies. 

I hate saunas, what if I get too hot?

You will learn to love the heat! It heals you, and eventually you will discover it's not hot, YOU'RE HOT! Shannon says: "I had never liked sweating, always thought it was icky, but after my first hot yoga class when I came out feeling like I had been in a hot shower I loved the cleansing of it all. It opened my pores and my skin and hair have never felt better. Now I'm so used to the heat I sometimes feel myself getting cold if I'm near a door or window in class." John says: "I'm the one who hated saunas, but the heat allowed me to get all stretched out without any pain and I realized right away I love this feeling." Remember if you feel light-headed or dizzy, take a knee and breathe. It does take your body a couple of classes to adjust to the heat, so go easy on yourself. Listen to your body. 


What should I do to prepare for my first class?

DRINK WATER! Very important to arrive well-hydrated, before class. Don't eat at least 2 hours before class, easier on your body to not have to be processing food when you are working out, also reduces any possible nausea. Dress lightly and comfortably, something you can stretch in. Bring a yoga mat and towel if you have one, but if not, they are available to rent at the studio. Come 10 minutes early to sign in. Other than that, just bring your smiling, happy face!