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Hot 90 & Hot 60

The Hot 90 and the Hot 60 classes consist of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  These classes are suitable for all ages and all body types and are recommended for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  Offered mornings and evenings.

*While Hot Yoga Hilo is offering all classes online, this class is now offered as

Essential 60 and will have Vimana inspired sequences as well the traditional postures from the classic 26&2.*

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Hot 90+

The Hot 90+ is an intermediate class that builds on the foundation created by the 26&2 sequence. No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class, but comfort with the 26&2 and a desire to expand is essential. Structured by Esak Garcia, this class prepares students for the more complex 84 posture advanced class, from which the 26&2 was derived.

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Classic 84

This advanced practice of 84 postures was taught by Bishnu Ghosh and his disciples from Calcutta, India. It's a 120 minute therapeutic heated Hatha yoga sequence that prepares a body for meditation, as it helps to oxygenate all of the organs and muscles as well as helping to restore proper functioning of all of the body's systems. It's expected that participants in this practice have a good foundation of strength, flexibility, alignment, concentration, and balance. This class helps develop skills like lotus, handstands, leg-over-the-head movements, and deep back bends.

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Fusion was created by Emily Longfellow from Colorado. This expansive practice combines elements of Traditional Hatha, Forrest, Para, Ghosh, and vinyasa yoga.  Fusion teaches you how your favorite posture can flow, bringing greater depth and stability, by exploring longer sequences, pranayama, and meditation techniques that will give you the clarity to set an intention and realize your dreams.

Fiya Flow

Fiya Flow is a meditation, yoga, dance, fitness fusion, inspired by dancehall, jungle, and house music. Fiya Flow is fun, challenging, and open to all. Class is not heated, but we get hot! Come see why some people are calling it “the best class ever”.

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All classes have gone VIRTUAL. Please Book your class via a link on our HomePage, Or our free Hot Yoga Hilo App. We look forward to practicing with you from the comfort of your home!